It’s all about the chow.

the culinary school at Rancho La Puerta.

La Cocina que Canta: the culinary school at Rancho La Puerta.

Am at Rancho la Puerta in Tecate, Mexico. RLP is the legendary spa started in the 1940s by the couple who later went on to found the ultra-luxurious Golden Door. It’s my first visit here (the first of many to come, I hope, assuming I win the lottery–good thing I’m moving from no-lottery Alabama to back to lottery-fevered California).

I’ll go into more detail when I return, but suffice to say it’s like an upscale camp for grown-ups. Lots of activities to choose from, do nothing at all, if you please.

One of the many highlights is the food, which is healthy, but tasty and filling. When the staff rings the mealtime bell, I come runnin’, just like Pavlov’s dog. The produce comes from the Ranch’s extensive organic garden (overseen by the delightful and enthusiastic Salvador, ) and the occasional seafood dish features fresh catch from nearby Ensenada.

So, this afternoon, it’s lunch, of course, followed by making prayer arrows this afternoon. I have no clue what that entails, but it’s bound to be crafty and spritual. In any case, Hillari wants one. Why, is a mystery.

2 thoughts on “It’s all about the chow.

  1. Alison,
    I enjoyed your post written from Rancho La Puerta. That’s one of my favorite spas! I love the huge choice of activities there, and the scenery is breathtaking. I can’t wait to read more about your visit. :)

  2. Thanks, Melody!
    I would have moved in if they’d let me. Check back, ’cause I’ll blog about the food at the Ranch all week.

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