Biscuits, chocolate gravy, and cheese straws

My friend and neighbor Kevin treated me to a wonderful goodbye breakfast this morning: homemade biscuits and chocolate gravy (mmmm) with sidecars of bacon and scrambled eggs. Biscuits and chocolate gravy are one of his family’s beloved treats, and I’m happy to have enjoyed them. My picture doesn’t begin to do them justice, but, hey, my camera battery was fading fast.

Biscuits and chocolate gravy.

I’ll try to get Kevin to write a post about this Kentucky dish, and share his mom’s recipes.

Another great goodbye treat was a bag of cheese straws from my friend Phillip. His partner makes them, and they’re the best I’ve had–cheddary, peppery, delicate–wonderful with a gin and tonic. I’ll try to procure the recipe for that, too.

Randy's Superfine Cheese Straws


5 thoughts on “Biscuits, chocolate gravy, and cheese straws

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  2. Did you ever get that recipe? I’d love to try it. Cheese Straws are a weakness of mine and I am always looking for a great recipe.


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