Floor show


An artist uses Stubbs BBQ Sauce to create portraits of the company's founder at the Fancy Food Show.

I’m in San Francisco for the Winter Fancy Food Show, a trade shindig for producers and retailers put on by National Association for the Specialty Food Trade. (Check out their fun consumer site, Foodspring.) It’s a bustling show, with lavish displays filling Moscone Center’s vast exhibit halls.

“Recession? What recession?” I wondered. 

“Oh, they must have paid for all that by September,” my sister-in-law later told me.

cimg0834The show is slightly scaled back this year, but not that a rube like me would notice (it has been some time since I’ve attended this particular trade show). “It’s a little bit smaller,” said an Oakland, CA-based caterer who attends every year. “Maybe.”

Here’s a quick rundown of just a few highlights:

Infusion. Expect to see even more flavor-infused salts, oils, vinegars, and other products on store shelves. Sometimes this leads to flavor confusion because infusion is a tricky proposition. One flavor shouldn’t overwhelm the other. Sometimes the flavors marry well; others, it’s not so successful. I sampled an orange-infused olive oil from Sicily and all I could taste was orange.  And I do not want raspberry-cheddar cheese under any circumstances.

Tea products of every kind. From rare tea leaves to biodegradable tea bags to nutrient-enhanced iced tea beverages, we’ll have more opportunities to sip than ever.

Artisinal chocolate. The chocolate wave is still going strong, though there are so many players–each claiming to have the rarest, fairest-trade, single-origin bar–that it’s hard for consumers (well, me, anyway) to distinguish them.

One of my favorite finds thus far: Golden Star Jasmine Sparkling Tea. This stuff tastes amazing–crisp, refreshing, an elegant warm-weather sipper. You can find it at Whole Foods.

5 thoughts on “Floor show

  1. I am still sorting through my materials to remember what I saw and tasted. Got into chocolate overload rather quickly there. And the number of tea booths were a bit overwhelming but all seemed interesting, especially with the leaning toward green and biodegradable for pyramid bags and packaging.
    Writing about beverages and saw some of interest beyond tea — how about some rose juice or hibiscus soda?

    • Hi, Amy:

      Somehow you comment landed in my spam queue. But if, it’s not too late, here’s an overview of what I say re: chocolate at the food show:

      -It’s becoming a crowded niche (no surprise there).
      -High cacao-content chocolates are popular (for more antioxidants and more intense chocolate flavor.
      -Saw plenty of fair-trade chocolate
      -Single-origin chocolates
      -Chocolate-tasting, like wine or coffee
      -Some, frankly odd, flavor combos: I like wasabi, but do not want it with chocoalte
      -I still think Vosges does the best job of creating fantastic, creative flavor combos that don’t overwhelm the chocolate (see my follow-up post on the site).

      Hope this helps!

  2. Yes, I was a bit tea’ed out, but I loved the Golden Star Jasmine Sparkling Tea.

    I also liked OOBA hibiscus soda (the original flavor). Very refreshing, not too sweet.

    And did you see the TWIST biodegradable sponges and rags? They look interesting. I’d like to get some samples to see how well they work.

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