Pay less to eat slow

Heritage beans are the kind of food Slow Food USA seeks to preserve.

Heritage beans are the kind of food Slow Food USA seeks to preserve.

I’ve always found that Slow Food USA, the American chapter of the international organization dedicated to preserving local foodways, had a whiff of elitism. Maybe it was the pricy chef supper events, declaring expensive dry Monterey Jack cheese an “endangered” food, and the hardcore foodie membership. It’s a little unfair, I know, to say that about an entity that just wants to get people together to cook and enjoy great meals based on local cuisine, made with local products.

Maybe that explains why I’m excited to see Slow Food showing a more populist side. They recently sponsored Eat-In events around the country for their Time for Lunch campaign to bring better food to America’s schoolkids as part of the Child Nutrition Act, which is up for reauthorization by Congress. And anyone can join Slow Food USA for any donation through the end of this month (rates return to a minimum membership of $60 as of Oct. 1). There are chapters all over the country, and if there isn’t one in your neck of the woods, they’ll help you start one.

2 thoughts on “Pay less to eat slow

  1. I totally agree with you (and I’ve been a member). I think many Slow Food members genuinely care about food issues / food democracy, food justice, healthy school lunches, hunger & community food security, but Slow Food has been an elite supper club. I am glad to see them open up membership this month. I realize running this organization costs money, but this one month seems kinda like a token month. I hope they will take more steps to include more people.

  2. I was so turned off by “convivia” and the price of participation. It was all too precious. Proud to say the Boston chapter was one of the first to change from “convivium” to “chapter.” Very glad to see the attention to more grass roots events, too. Count me in as token or not, the special price was right in my budget!

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