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5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi, Alison, nice treatment of the fresh, green garbs/chickpeas. We are (to my knowledge) the only year-round producer with a 6 month season from Mexico (OCT-MAY) and a 6 month season from California (MAY-OCT).
    Check out the Califresh website. We’re also in the process of releasing a line of flavored dips (not guacamole, not hummus – better tasting and better for you than either). Let me know if you’d like some samples. Bob

  2. Alison, I was goofing off a bit and decided to track down the status of a favorite New Mexican food place called La Cita. I Googled and was brought to your blog and was delighted to see someone else had experienced the cheese enchiladas of La Cita. (As a Texan, I find all other forms of “Mexican” food inauthentic.) I now live in New Jersey and don’t make my twice-yearly driving trips to Northern New Mexico but your enchilada foto has re-ignited my urge to get on I-40 and make it to “Tucumcari Tonight.” Great blog, by the way. Stephen Johnson /Journalist/Author of “Silent Steel: The Mysterious Death of the Nuclear Attack Sub USS Scorpion.”

    • Thank you! It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about that trip and the enchiladas at La Cita. That cross-country trip on the 1-40 definitely has its highlights, and this was one of them!

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