Groovy Tuesday tidbits

picture-1Eat in: Trendhunter names cooking one of the top 20 trends for 2009. “Fuelled by the credit crunch and food as a fashionable hobby, we’ll see a return to the kitchen, especially for the celebrated meals,” they report.


picture-2Fat diets going extinct? Gosh, I hope so.–Slashfood



picture-31Shirley Corriher explains molecular gastronomy–a k a kitchen science for the rest of us–The New York Times (jeez, how many links can I stuff into one sentence?)


picture-4Sign an online petition to let incoming President Obama know that a sustainable national food policy is important to you–Food Democracy Now!


picture-5Chef Eric Ripert shares his menu for a Cozy Winter Dinner Social. Send him a photo of how it turns out by Jan. 26, and you could win an Olympus digital camera–AvecEric

Sunday lagniappes

Cilantro–love it or hate it? (I love it.) Cast your vote–Serious Eats



More 2009 food and travel forecasts, including jumbo beans, ice cream supplanting cupcakes, artisanal yogurt, and Cuba and Iceland will emerge as top (i.e., affordable) destinations–Gourmet


If you don’t bake 6,00o Christmas cookies like this 79-year-old, you’re just not trying hard enough–The New York Times


Tell the folks at Pillsbury how you make a America sweeter and you could win $5,000, or just make their rugelach recipePilllsbury